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If it is the first time that you contract translation services, first, you should be aware of the difference between translation and interpreting.

In brief, translating is changing a written document from a source language into a target language, whereas interpreting involves the action of conveying the meaning of a spoken text with spontaneous communication. For example, we would say translating a contract but interpreting in a conference or meeting.

Both translation and interpreting require high specialization in this field and great cultural knowledge to ensure a successful communicative process, in other words, you would not send a newspaper editor to hold a speech on nuclear energy.


No matter what your goal is, it’s a fact that using translation to reach more people with your products is one of the most efficient ways of optimizing the resources in which you have invested so much.

To execute a high-quality translation, it is essential to know the targeted goal since the whole translating process will be focused differently depending on it.

Translating goes far beyond a mere knowledge of the meaning of a word. This is just the first step. Several factors such as the context, the targeted audience and goal and their culture have to be perfectly clear.

Due to the sensitivity, we are very careful with the content but the style and phrases to be used when targeting a prospective new customer are equally important (sometimes even more) when translating a document.

To clarify, at b_my_voice we differentiate between two main types of translation:


They focus on an accurate translation since they present data or facts that have to be transferred into the target language in the same way.

Within this category, you will find the following specialization areas: legal, sworn, technical, nuclear, chemical, medical translation, etc.


These translations should be more adapted to the readers’ culture, professional sector and targets the goal while respecting the writer’s style and approach.

Among this category, you will find literary, commercial, marketing, advertisements and movie translation, translation of websites, transcreation, localization, etc.

To correctly express your ideas and concepts in a translation is only possible with legitimate communications between client and translator and at b_my_voice, it is clear to us.

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