Interpreting Services.

Public speaking in a commercial meeting? A congress, a videoconference, an important phone call or any other communicative situation related to your company in a language that you aren’t fluent in? Our services go far beyond that. We provide you with the best interpreters to be your voice and protect your interests.

Ask yourself before selecting the right interpreting solution to meet your needs, you should consider, b_my_voice is a well-performed interpreting service.

First of all, we should bear in mind that interpreting is about a profound understanding of the context, the complex cultures and technical languages required. But it isn’t a mere reproduction of the words in the source speech into a target language. When interpreting, we express ideas or concepts but not literal translations of each word.

At b_my_Voice, we are convinced that high-quality interpreting solution is vital, we duplicate your ideas in an original form of speech, and are quickly, accurately and elegantly expressed. For that, a deep knowledge of the involved cultures is essential.

Here we have described for you the following interpretation types so you can choose which adapt best to your expectations and needs.

Consecutive interpreting.

This interpreting mode is usually used for meetings with a reduced number of participants such as interviews, technical tours in a factory, diplomatic negotiations, business meetings or briefings.

Simultaneous interpreting.

This is a real-time translation into the target language. It is the most suitable option for a conference, congress and long business meetings, training sessions, etc., in which the speech speed requires a dynamic, quick and accurate work pace.

Liaison interpreting.

Interpreters work in a small group in which the communication can be effective. This type of interpretation is recommended for fairs, guided visits, visits with businesspeople, support for business branches, etc.

Whispered interpreting.

This is a simultaneous interpretation whispered to the client. It is suitable for small meetings in which a maximum number of two people require this interpreting solution within a professional setting.

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