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b_my_voice has been providing linguistic solutions since 2011 with a clear goal: all of our clients receive smooth negotiation process and successful results. For that purpose, we have developed four types of flat rate tailored services, which can be adapted to our clients’ expectations and needs.

We do not focus on the words, we focus on communicative goals and targets that will be fulfilled. Firstly, our team is formed with native specialized translators and professional interpreters in several languages, secondly by experts on Marketing, advertising and business experience to provide a linguistic solution that draws your client’s attention to your business and increase sales.

In brief, our company aims to provide a link between our clients and their goals through an easy, quick and uncomplicated process.

At b_my_voice, we use our language, culture and Marketing and know-how to provide advice to our clients during every stage of the process, that is, from planning a strategy according to the target language and culture to the execution of every stage of this process, via a continuous open communicative method to suit client’s needs.

We are identified as a certified body and can offer a one to one professional and excellent service which offers high-quality fluent translation and interpreting solutions to all clients who have trusted us. Our passion is our clients, once you engage with us you will experience translation and interpreting solutions differently.

Different languages
same quality

Apart from the several advantages that our tailored flat rates service offers to your company, at b_my_Voice we are a team of professional translators and interpreters which are qualified in emotional intelligence and business abilities to ensure the success of your negotiations. With over 10 years’ experience in the sector, we work every day to meet our client’s expectations and needs. Our language knowledge is unlimited. We understand difficult and complex aspects of cultures and emotional intelligence skills which can be applied on an individual basis when circumstances dictate.

Furthermore, we provide clients with all the technical support needed for a successful conference accompanied by high-quality simultaneous interpretation for your event to operate smoothly. We can supply everything that’s necessary for a conference to achieve a success, due to having secure links with the leading event organisers in mainland Spain.

At b_my_Voice we resemble water, we flow and adapt to every path in the way to reach our destination.

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